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Dear Abby: Brides second wedding plans complicate shower etiquette

For the past few years, Dad has been seeing a woman my age. I have tried my best to maintain a relationship with her as well. The problem is, they are extremely touchy-feely when they’re together, and it makes me very uncomfortable. For example, they’re always rubbing each other, hanging on each other, or she sits on his lap when we’re out for drinks. I tried to talk to my father about it. He became extremely angry when I asked if they could keep it to a minimum around me. Moreover, they recently let it slip that they started dating before she was 18. I don’t feel comfortable with their relationship at all. Am I wrong to feel this way?

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Abby: Brides wedding plans complicate shower etiquette

Her friends would probably enjoy it. But to disclose on the invitation that your sister is already married — lightheartedly or not — would be in poor taste. Dear Abby: I am mature for being 16. However, I have a few quirks that I prefer not to tell anyone about because when I do, most of the feedback I get is negative. First, I don’t like watching PG-13 movies, so my favorite TV shows and movies are for kids. My mom and sister keep telling me how dumb and stupid it is and that they’re surprised I don’t watch things “more my age.” I don’t call their shows stupid. I hate telling people my favorite TV shows because of the kind of reaction I get from the people close to me. Second, I LOVE stuffed animals. Last time I counted, I had around 60. All of them have value to me and make me happy. Is there something wrong with having that many?

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